Live Sound

Throughout his years in the music industry, Northwood’s Matt Connell has been no stranger to live sound. While some audio concepts can be translated from the studio world – the approach to live audio is a different animal. An animal demanding of quick action, confidence in one’s abilities and one’s systems – and reliant on the wisdom that can only be earned through years of situational experience.

There is an energy and excitement in live sound rarely seen in the studio. The ability to communicate efficiently with artists, and to make things happen “now” are essential in live sound. The show must go on – and when working live, there are no second chances to get it right the first time.

Matt Connell has created live mixes for everything from Folk, to Metal to Bluegrass, and specializes in providing live audio for top tier Canadian roots music artists, and their “listening audiences” alike, where the highest quality and fidelity of sound is both demanded and deserved. Matt has provided live mixes for very many professional artists, including:

Abigail Lapell
Amanda Rheaume
Ambre McLean
Andrew Austin
Ann Vriend
The Beaches
David Leask
Donovan Woods
Dom Fricot
Emm Gryner
Fred Eaglesmith
Hawksley Workman
Justin Rutledge
Oh Susanna
Patrick Ballantyne
Robyn Dell’Unto
Ron Sexsmith
Scarlett Jane
Suzie Vinnick
Tom Wilson
The Wilderness of Manitoba